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Beverly was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1946.



MFA University of Florida                      1976

BFA University of Michigan                   1973

AB Economics University of Michigan   1969


Beverly has been using photographic manipulations in her work since the mid 1970's.  Her visual life began much earlier.  She fondly remembers many Sundays in the 1950's when her father would spread the Sunday Detroit papers on the living room floor.  Oranges were eaten and funny papers were read.  Beverly discovered William de Kooning's work along with that of other abstract expressionists in the papers' lifestyle sections.  Beverly believes that her sister began to appreciate Jackson Pollock's work at this time.


In the 1960's, Beverly, her sister and her mother donned pill box hats and white gloves for trips to Detroit, thiry-five miles away.  These trips included shopping for school clothers and supplies -- and visits to the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Beverly was drawn to Bruegel's Wedding Dance and a painting by William Turner.  She says that she still sees similar patterns and colors as she observes the modern world.


Beverly has worked alongside her husband, Charles Henson, in the used and out-of-print book business (The Atlanta Book Exchange and Beaver's Book Sale) surrounded by art and architecture books.

She lives in Atlanta, GA.

Recent Exhibitions

2018  Atlanta Photography Group

          Spring Salon Showcase “LOVE”

          First Place


          Photo Buckhead 2018

         Juried show



          Special alumni show


2017  Ambiguities/Innuendoes? Go Fish

          Juried U of M alumni show


          Photo Buckhead 2017

          Juried show


2016  Shots 2016

          Juried Show

          Showcase School of Photography

          Honorable Mention


2016  Choice
          Atlanta Photography Group

2015  Puzzles, Riddles and Enigmas

          Alumni Exhibition U of M Stamps School of Art and Design

          Online gallery

2014  Unintended Consequences

          Alumni Exhibition U of M Stamps School of Art and Design

          Online gallery

          Shots 14

          Juried Show

          Showcase School of Photography



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